Tomas Cordero IV

About Me

My name is Tomas Cordero, I am a Full Stack Web Developer who has been working in the web world since 2013. I got into it because of a Minecraft server I was running for some friends. Found I loved it and started learning more. I spent six and a half years working at R&R Partners, a marketing agency based in Las Vegas, which gave me a great opportunity to work on a lot of great projects. I have worked on sites for Boeing, Anheuser-Busch, Pabst Blue Ribbon, SiteLock, Barrow Neurological Institute and many more.

While I love anything development related I do enjoy other things as well. I'm a big country music fan and if I'm working I can usually be caught listening to some Hank Williams Jr. or Johnny Cash. When the weather is nice I can usually be found doing photography or wood working. One of my dreams is to run a small wood working shop out of my garage. Still not there but it's still a fun hobby!


These pictures are just some of the better ones that I have taken. I don't consider myself a professional by any measure but I keep learning and keep trying new things.